PurposeBuilt Brands Packaging Stewardship Policy

At PurposeBuilt Brands we aim to manufacture specialty cleaning products that are not only highly effective but are delivered in packages the provides consumers with the optimal user experience. We recognize that this cannot be done in a way that causes harm to the environment, as such; we have the following policy outlining our approach to managing our packaging material streams to ensure we reduce the impact our product packaging has on the environment.

Packaging Performance: Reduce damage & waste by ensuring product safely reaches the final use destination

  • Performance Standards: delivering performance without compromising consumer experience
    • Meeting in use standards for optimal consumer experience (ie, spray type, ergonomics)
    • Successfully passing qualification testing standards:
      • Manufacturing Line Trials, ensuring effective and efficient filling & packaging
      • Compatibility Testing, ensuring safe interaction with formulations
      • Ship Testing, performance through supply chain (ISTA, DOT standards)
  • Right Sized: packaged for efficiency
    • Utilizes minimal amount of packaging to achieve performance standard
    • No excess head space in packaging
  • Innovation: exploring opportunities to improve performance while reducing material footprint

Reduce Material Impact: Choiceful selection of materials to restrict harmful materials and reduce lifecycle impacts

  • No Harmful Materials: restricting use of any materials or additives that would do any harm
    • Compliance with US and EU (where applicable) regulations
    • In alignment with top customers material policies
  • Minimize Material Impact: after assessing material reductions, selecting optimal materials for lifecycle impacts
    • Utilizing recycled content where possible
    • Where not possible, selecting certified sources for virgin material if available
  • Innovation: Explore innovative materials to further reduce material impact

Design for Recycling: Ensure ease of recycling to consumers 

  • Ensure Recyclability: design for end of life
    • All new packaging requires How2Recycle analysis & label
  • Communicate How2Reycle: educate consumers on how to properly recycle used packaging
    • Display How2Recycle assigned icon on each retail packaging

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