PurposeBuilt Brands Product Stewardship & Chemical Ingredient Policy

At PurposeBuilt Brands, we aim to manufacture specialty cleaning products that are highly effective but made with chemicals and materials that do not harm human health or the environment.  This policy outlines our approach to managing our product ingredients and packaging to meet these goals.

PurposeBuilt Brands Approach to Assessing Safety

PurposeBuilt Brands aims to select and use the safest and most sustainable ingredients and materials available while delivering efficacious products to customers. To reach this goal we:

  • identify and reduce the use of chemicals of concern and work to replace them with safer alternatives;
  • evaluate products using a combination of hazard assessment of individual ingredients and materials as well as a risk assessment of the finished product; and
  • rely on a team of in-house experts in chemistry and environmental chemistry.

Supplier Collaboration

PurposeBuilt Brands requires our suppliers to collaborate in improving the sustainability performance of our formulas and packaging. We select suppliers who provide the best value, which includes prioritizing sustainability and actively supporting PurposeBuilt Brands’ objectives and goals.

Customer & Consumer Commitment 

PurposeBuilt Brands appreciates the trust our customers place in us to serve their best interests and will always work toward maintaining and growing that trust.  Our goal is to maintain consumer confidence in the products we sell by providing meaningful and publicly accessible information on all product ingredients either directly on the label or through detailed information on our website.  Where applicable, our labels also include relevant information on proper use of products to enable sustainability.  Where possible, we look to third party guidance such as aligning with EPA’s Safer Choice program.


PurposeBuilt Brands sets measurable objectives for safer chemical use and reports on progress annually and presents them on company’s website.  We follow a philosophy of continuous improvement and will update our objectives as we meet specified milestones.

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